Sun Sep 30 2018 1:00 pm thru Sun Sep 30 2018 4:00 pm


Creative Writing Workshop

at Pearl Art Studio • $40 for the public, $34 for Friends of the Crow Collection
Sun Sep 30 2018 1:00 pm — 4:00 pm
Pearl Art Studio
$40 for the public, $34 for Friends of the Crow Collection
Photo provided by Nancy Dorrier.

Photo provided by Nancy Dorrier.

The approach to creative writing has a freedom and lightheartedness to it even as we might explore what could be considered dark.  We will be bringing light to the dark.  We will be introducing you to a tried and true practice that will last a long time in your development as a leader in your life.

Writing topics include:

  • Memoir
  • Acknowledgment and appreciation
  • Challenges and frustrations
  • Grief
  • Joy and Happiness

We will explore being read to and how rich that is for our life and relationships. We will write and read what we have written to each other.  We will develop the skill of reflective writing and also the skill of listening and not being distracted while listening.

This class will be an introduction for a series of writing classes to be offered in the fall, call the Red Truck Program.

Join this innovative writing program with Nancy Dorrier.

Writer’s Bio: Nancy Dorrier is an organizational and leadership consultant with Dorrier Underwood Consulting located in Charlotte, N.C.  She teaches writing to her client leaders as a way to be clear and focused as well as a way to tell their stories and visions for the future. Some of the stories from Stan Went Fishing grew out of a museum trip to Santa Fe. 

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