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A Conversation with our New Director of Development: Brett Moore



Why is it important to have the Crow Collection of Asian Art in Dallas?

I’ve been privileged to spend a good bit of my career here in the Dallas Arts District, at the Nasher Sculpture Center and the Dallas Theater Center. In that time, I’ve gotten to visit with colleagues from institutions around the country. From an arts and philanthropy standpoint, Dallas is incredibly blessed. When you take a step back and think about the tremendous gifts given to this city by visionaries like Margaret and Trammell Crow, Patsy and Raymond Nasher, Cindy and Howard Rachofsky, Marguerite Hoffman, Deedie and Rusty Rose, Margaret McDermott, and a host of others, it is truly remarkable. These incredibly generous philanthropists have demonstrated a belief in the bright future of Dallas and its cultural institutions. The Crow Collection of Asian Art, thanks to the gift of Margaret and Trammell Crow, and the continued support of the Crow Family, is poised to make a significant impact on the culture, conversation, and compassion of our city and citizens. It’s up to us to stand on the shoulders of those giants, and turn their gifts into something even bigger.

In regard to development, where do you see the Crow Collection of Asian Art in the next five years?

Development is an interesting word. For me, when I think of Development as it relates to something like an art museum or cultural institution, it becomes both a goal and a means of achieving that goal. We’ve been given a challenge and a mission. The gift that the Crow Family gave to Dallas is a beginning, not an end meant for display and admiration. It is incumbent on us, the arts and cultural supporters and patrons of Dallas, to use that gift to build something significant. In order to achieve those goals, however, we have to live up to that legacy we’ve been given. We have to use the mechanism of our support, our treasure and our talents, to help build the structure to reach those goals. What that means is that I expect that in five years, we will see the Crow Collection transition from a place of promise to a place of leadership and service. The fuel for that transition will be the financial and volunteer support of our community. In exchange, the community can expect the Crow Collection to offer the very best in engaging programs, community service, and true gratitude for their support. We will strive to be a place worthy of your support.

When you aren’t meeting with current and potential donors, where can we find you?

My wife Kelly and I live in Richardson with our four- year-old, Max. We love to host and dine out with friends as much as we possibly can! I also really enjoy small fixer-upper projects around the house, working on the yard, and sneaking out for the occasional round of golf.