Otsukimi Moon Viewing Festival 2018
Tue Sep 25 2018 6:30 pm — 9:30 pm


Celebrate the full autumn moon at Klyde Warren Park with an evening of culture under the stars.

Enjoy a variety of Japanese music and dance performances, along with sky gazing and moon viewing with the Texas Astronomical Society. You’ll have an opportunity to adopt your own rabbit, a nod to the Japanese folktale about the Moon Rabbit. Participate in a variety of traditional Japanese art forms including calligraphy, tea ceremony, ikebana, moku hanga, and haiku poetry.


Presented in partnership with the Japan-America Society of Dallas/Fort Worth.
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Mystical Arts of Tibet Opening Ceremony
Fri Oct 05 2018 7:00 pm — 8:00 pm
Mystical Arts of Tibet Opening Ceremony @ Crow Collection of Asian Art

Experience the beauty of this ancient ritual and blessing of the space as the monks prepare for the creation of the mandala.

Meditation with the Monks
Sun Oct 07 2018 1:00 pm — 2:00 pm

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All are welcome to stop by Klyde Warren Park for a relaxing hour of meditation led by Tibetan Buddhist monks from the Drepung Loseling Monastery.

Fri Oct 12 2018 2:00 pm — 3:00 pm

Screen Shot 2018-07-18 at 11.19.38 PM

Stop by the East Lawn at Klyde Warren Park to meet the monks from the Mystical Arts of Tibet artist residency at the Crow Collection of Asian Art. Capture the spirit of a field day as you play games with the monks, including some of their favorites like ping-pong, badminton, and soccer.

Mystical Arts of Tibet Closing Ceremony
Sat Oct 13 2018 3:00 pm — 4:00 pm
Mystical Arts of Tibet Closing Ceremony @ Crow Collection of Asian Art

In a ceremony representing the impermanence of all that exists, the monks of the Drepung Loseling Monastery conclude their weeklong residency by dismantling the sand mandala. To fulfill the function of healing, half of the sand is distributed to the audience. The remaining sand is then dispersed in a nearby body of water, which carries the healing blessing to the ocean and then throughout the world.