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by Amy Lewis Hofland

The Fierce Urgency of Now

It’s evening in Mexico City, and I am on a mission.  Since my first visit, I’ve had many happy returns to Mexico. I’ve cherished the friendships with our board members from Mexico and the treasured friends I’ve come to love along the way. I am the Director of an Asian Art Museum so you may […] Keep Reading...

Abhidnya Ghuge
by Dr. Jacqueline Chao

Taking Flight: An Interview with Abhidnya Ghuge

Abhidnya “Abhi” Ghuge’s Flight of the Canyon is a site-responsive installation created with thousands of woodblock-printed paper plates inspired by Indian henna designs and organic patterns found in nature. Born in India and trained as a dermatologist, Abhi is a multidisciplinary installation artist whose work explores issues of power, value, and the fragility of human […] Keep Reading...

Meneki Neko and Daruma.  Functions as a coin bank. 
5 3/4 in.
by Amanda Sawyer


When museums receive new objects as a donation or bequest, multiple questions need to be answered before anything can be added to the permanent collection.  How does the object fit within the museum’s mission? Does the museum have the resources to properly care for it? Are there similar objects already in the collection? How  may […] Keep Reading...

by Caron Smith

From the New York Desk: The Abbassid Court

Attentive readers of Crow Collection bulletins Keep Reading...

by Kasumi

Love and Compassion at Earth Day Dallas 2013

There's no feeling like being outside in the sun with loving friends. Keep Reading...

by Kathleen Forrest

Our Museum’s Digital Collection is Going 3-D

How do these two worlds collide? Keep Reading...

by Katherine Kunze

It’s a Blog, at the Crow Collection of Asian Art!

Welcome to our blog here at the Crow Collection of Asian Art! Keep Reading...