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by Gabby Pucci

North Texas Giving Day

The largest community-wide giving day in the nation is coming up, and it’s right here in our backyard! North Texas Giving Day established in 2009 by the Communities Foundation of Texas, a leading community foundation responsible for distributing $1.5 billion in grants over its 63 year history, will take place September 22, 6am – midnight. On […] Keep Reading...

by Amy Lewis Hofland

A Love Story in Dallas

I didn't know what it meant until today: A City of Love. Keep Reading...

Photo by Billy Tseng, in Taipei, Taiwan.
by Katherine Kunze

Celebrating Duanwu Festival

Ever seen a dragon boat race? Keep Reading...

by Agathe Dupart

Happy Saga Dawa!

In Buddhist nations across Asia, old and young are preparing for the holiest month of the year: Vesak. Keep Reading...

by Katherine Kunze

Gabriel Ritter Relates Cindy Sherman to Asian Artists

Interested in photography, self-portraits, or gender issues? Keep Reading...