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by Stacie Adams

South India Trip

Join Friends of the Crow Collection for a very special trip to South India this February 12 – 22, 2016. Keep Reading...

by Amy Lewis Hofland

Hello, Pilgrim

There’s a lingering lump in my throat as we sit in traffic trying to make our way to the Indira Gandhi International Airport. Keep Reading...

by Amy Lewis Hofland

The Transit of Mrinalini Mukerjee: Nature and Death in India

It was another perfect day in India. Keep Reading...

by Amy Lewis Hofland

New Friends Colony

I’m still laughing about our dinner on Sunday night in the home of a former Indian Ambassador. Keep Reading...

Shanti Sunrise in Delhi
by Amy Lewis Hofland

Traffic Shanti

Traffic. Delhi has a traffic problem. Keep Reading...

by Amy Lewis Hofland

The Opposite of Scarcity

I want to talk about scarcity. Keep Reading...

by Amy Lewis Hofland

Half-hour Elephant

Her name is Lakshmi. Keep Reading...

by Amy Lewis Hofland

Little Flowers on the Side of the Road

Seven hours of our day on Tuesday was spent on the journey from Agra to Jaipur. Keep Reading...

by Amy Lewis Hofland

The Reveal

I am still trying to understand Agra. Keep Reading...

IMG_5897 2
by Amy Lewis Hofland


The Taj appeared just off the left side of our bus in a misty white fog. Keep Reading...