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Sat Sep 14 2013

thru Mon Mar 03 2014

Ai Weiwei in his Beijing studio examining early versions of heads from Circle of Animals/Zodiac Heads: Gold, 2010.

Ai Weiwei Circle of Animals/ Zodiac Heads: Gold
The work of Ai Weiwei makes its southern United States debut.

Sat Aug 10 2013

thru Mon Nov 04 2013


A photographic tribute to the beauty and unpredictability of the art of ink painting, capturing momentary collisions between ink and water in mid-air.

Sat May 25 2013

thru Mon Jun 24 2013

Untitled (Legong, Djavan, and Sadri), Arthur Fleischmann (Slovakian, 1896-1990), 1937-1939, Photograph. Collection of Andyan and Diana Ansberry Rahardja and Steven G. Alpert, Dallas, TX.

Terang Bulan: Art from Java and Bali
The objects from Terang Bulan, or “Moonlight,” help tell the story of the diverse arts that flourished in the kratons (royal courts) from the 18th through the 20th centuries.

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Sat Oct 05 2013

thru Sun May 25 2014

Ma Jun (Chinese, b. 1974) Painted fiberglass, steel and wood 

A Porsche is a particular object of desire in China—an alluring “gold ring” of modern consumer status. This fiberglass Porsche 911 is painted with patterns derived from historical Chinese ceramics.

Fri Nov 30 2012

thru Sun May 04 2014

Disciples of the Buddha Myanmar (Burma), Mandalay period, 19th century Wood with red lacquer and gilt 1979.16 Photo Courtesy of the Crow Collection of Asian Art

Peninsulas and Dragon Tails
Featuring objects from the Himalayan mountains of the Eurasian continent, the importance of geography to culture emerges in this permanent collection exhibition.

Sat Sep 14 2013

thru Sun Aug 24 2014

Tall neck jar, Korea, South Gyeongsang province, Three Kingdoms period (57 B.C.–A.D. 935), Gaya, third quarter of the 5th century. Gray stoneware with natural ash glaze, raised lines, and
incised decoration. Crow Collection of Asian Art, 2010.49.

The Jerry Lee Musslewhite Collection of Korean Art
A stellar group of fifty-three artworks from Korea acquired by the Crow Collection of Asian Art in 2010.

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Sat Jun 14 2014

thru Mon Sep 29 2014

Shen Wei

Shen Wei
Internationally recognized for his many artistic accomplishments, including “Scroll,” a stunning section of the opening ceremonies of the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, artist Shen Wei defies classification. However, in the significant recent series of paintings featured in this exhibition, Shen Wei narrows his focus to a study of the grisaille palette and the expressive textures of oil paint resulting in compositions in black, white, and gray that are shrouded in an aura of mystery.

Sat Jul 19 2014

thru Mon Jan 19 2015

Radha Krishna in Rain

Seeing and Believing: Krishna in the Art of B. G. Sharma
This exhibition proposes that visitors set aside habits of viewing that resist sweetness with labels such as “kitsch,” or dismiss pictures that tug at sentiment as invasive. These are pictures that rest on ethics of long cultivation and refinement and address sense awareness with a sophisticated understanding of human nature. They seduce with friendly but frank eroticism. They demand to be looked at, to be communicated with, and to be indulged by our reason.

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