Thank you! We raised $17,218 for our School Partnership Programs!

The spirit of philanthropy is strong in our community and collectively we have increased awareness and raised impactful dollars for important causes in North Texas.
With your support The Crow Collection of Asian Art raised $17,218 to fund School Partnership Programs. Vibrant initiatives such as Lotus Learners and Asia Connect allow teachers to use the museum as an extension of the classroom, connecting elementary school students’ minds, bodies, and hearts through art. Your NTxGD support for these important educational initiatives shows you care.


Abe Carrillo and Jessie Frazier
Alejandra Fascinetto
Amy and Scott Hofland
Beth Taylor
Bill & Susan Underwood
Bridgett Brown
Chris Slaughter
Christopher Jackson
Daniela Cruz
Dave Hodge
Debra Dennis
Dr. Anna Roome
Frances Toki
Gayle Bennett

Jeff Bouis
Jenn & Josh Parker
Jody Lee
Kameron Duenas
Karen Carr
Katherine Kunze
Kathy Everitt
Lee Papert
Linda Kao
Louise Delano
Michael Carr
Michael Crow
Mrs. Caro Stalcup
Nathan Olson
Philip Theodore Bee Charitable Trust
Rena Pederson
Stacie Wheelock Adams
The Olness Family
Tricia Heaney and Mark Ralston
Wade Moore