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#Crow31Days | Asian Pacific American Heritage Month

This May, in honor of Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, I will be telling stories: stories of the amazing people and experiences I have come to know through my work as the Executive Director of the Crow Collection of Asian Art.

Our community is a vibrant landscape for learning about Asia through culture and art and I hope to share a few of many perspectives over the next thirty-one days.

On April 29 of 2016 Former President Obama made a proclamation: to establish an annual month-long celebration of the contributions of the Asian American / Pacific Islander (AAPI) members of our community. He wrote: “Today, AAPIs lend their rich heritage to enhancing our communities and our culture.  As artists and activists, educators and elected officials, servicemen and women and business owners, AAPIs help drive our country forward.” 

I will carry forward his call to action with this storytelling practice sharing stories that honor the ingenuity, brilliance, and commitment Asian-Americans give our city. There are moments, initiatives and places in our city: community centers, studios, temples, gardens, museums, non-profits, businesses and restaurants that were created by leaders, compassionate leaders, working every day to make our city better and more international.

There is a deep generosity and compassion in this work of place-making. The Asian-American leaders I have come to know are committed to sharing their culture. This commitment has built our museum program after program for the last 19 years. Their commitment has built Dallas as an international city.

I need your help making this project robust, meaningful and reflective of the culture we hope to share. Post your stories and experiences for others to know and to honor the innovators that inspire you. Please tag the Crow Collection of Asian Art and use #Crow31Days and connect our stories. Asia has a story to tell in Dallas: one of vibrant and bold innovation and meaningful connection. Help us tell the story of 31 Days of Asia–because we all really know in Dallas, if you look closely, you can experience a life made better by exploring Asian Art and Culture every day of the year.