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Celebrating Children’s Day

As the ambassador of wellness at the Crow Collection Asian of Art it is my goal to attend each of the highlighted events during 31 Days of Asia. The month has just begun and so far I haven’t missed one yet. Yesterday, day five I celebrated Children’s day at Kimchi Stylish Korean Kitchen! Children’s Day in Korea is equivalent to how we celebrate Mother’s Day in the United States. It is a day dedicated to celebrating and honoring children.

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To celebrate Children’s Day, Kimchi Stylish Korean Kitchen was offering complimentary  Ddok to all children. Lucky for me they still considered me a child, so  I got to try one. Ddok are soft chewy cylinder cakes made of rice flour and can be made either sweet or salty. I tried the cheese covered Ddok, which is a Korean American fusion of flavor.

For the main dish I got the vegetarian version of Deeok bok gi, which is a rice cake covered in hot sauce  served with fish cake and  fried vegetable dumplings. Daniel, the owner, explained that this dish can be found on the streets of Korea made by local food vendors. He expressed to me that he hopes that the community views his restaurant as a playful friendly place with diverse food. The restaurant was definitely very welcoming with lots of different areas such as a crepe booth. They reminded me of the ones I would find in my hometown in France. Bonus, their crepes looked really cute!



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If you are a newbie to Korean cuisine like I am, Vienna one of the awesome waitresses there will help explain the menu to you and will provide helpful flavor profiles.

Five down, twenty six more days to go.  See you on the other side of 31 Days of Asia.