Sat Feb 01 2020 11:00 am thru Sat Feb 01 2020 4:00 pm


Sat Feb 01 2020 11:00 am — 4:00 pm
8687 N Central Expy
TX 75225

The Chinese New Year Festival planned for Saturday at NorthPark has been postponed. Please see the statement below:

Mindful of the current and evolving health crisis in China, and aligned with other communities across the nation, the Crow Museum of Asian Art of The University of Texas at Dallas and NorthPark Center have decided to postpone the planned celebrations for Saturday’s Chinese New Year Festival.

Our goal has always been to deliver a wonderfully inclusive, family-friendly event that showcases and elevates Asian cultures. We look forward to collaborating on future festivals that will be enjoyed by visitors from North Texas and beyond.

Thank you to all of our Chinese New Year Host Committee, NorthPark Center, and our Crow supporters and friends.

Join us at NorthPark Center for the Crow Museum’s 21st annual Chinese New Year Festival, celebrating The Year of the Rat!


The first of all of the zodiac animals, the rat can represent wealth and prosperity, and symbolize the beginning of a new day.

This marks the third year that the beloved festival will be held indoors at NorthPark Center, where it continues to thrive and attract record-breaking crowds. Fun for all ages, the signature event will feature stunning dragon and lion dances, musical and martial-arts demos, art making and calligraphy, specialty booths, vibrant entertainment and cultural performances. In addition, NorthPark Center will offer Chinese New Year retailer specials and giveaways (including NorthPark Gold) and inspired landscaping throughout the shopping center. A special Chinese New Year-inspired exhibition will also be on view on Level One between Burberry and Louis Vuitton through March 1.

Throughout NorthPark Center

11AM — Rising Phoenix Lion Dance Association TX: Drum Roll
11:15AM — Ceremonial Welcome
11:30AM — Rising Phoenix Lion Dance Association: Acrobatic Lion Dance
12:15PM—HuaYun Chinese Orchestra: Traditional and Folk Chinese New Year Music
1PM — Jasmine Chinese Dance Troupe
1:45PM —Thomas Gu: Diabolo, Chinese Yo-Yo
2:15PM— Richardson Symphony Orchestra: New Year Music
2:45PM—Yucheng Chen: Guzheng, Chinese Harp
3:20PM—Julia Zhu: Bian Lian
3:30PM — Lee’s White Leopard Kung Fu School‘s Lion Dance and Dragon Dance

Activities throughout the shopping center:

Roaming Lion Dance
Keep an eye out for lions as they roam throughout NorthPark to help bring luck and happiness to the new year. Lions provided by Lee’s White Leopard Kung Fu School.

Special Offers from NorthPark Retailers
Look for red and gold balloons signifying participating retailers.

Auspicious Face Painting
Have lucky symbols, such as lanterns, dragons, and flowers, painted on your cheek.

Chinese Lion Photo Booth
Snap a photo with lion dance costume heads from Lee’s White Leopard Kung Fu School and post to social media using #CrowCNY.

Zodiac Art Activity
The order of the 12 zodiac animals is said to be based off a
great race held long ago. The rat was the first to cross the
finish line, making it the first animal in the zodiac. Why do
you think the rat came in first? Draw your own animal race,
dreaming up your own version of his quick finish.

The Wishing Tree
In Hong Kong, people write wishes for the New Year and hang them on trees with oranges. Experience an art installtion inspired by this tradition, and add your wish to it. Don’t forget to snap a picture and use #CrowCNY!

LEGO Building Station
Help create a Chinese New Year masterpiece with official LEGO building kits to celebrate the Year of the Rat.

Chinese Brush Painting
The tradition of brush and ink painting in China goes back thousands of years. Today, many artists keep this tradition alive using both old and new techniques. Come see for yourself as painter Carle Shi creates works of her own.

Chinese Paper Cutting
One popular way to decorate for Chinese New Year is cutting characters and imagery from red paper to hang in windows. Visit artist Li Lui to see the beautiful complexity of Chinese paper cutting being made in person.

Chinese Calligraphy
Calligraphy, the Greek word for beautiful writing, has been considered the supreme art form in China as far back as the Han Dynasty (206 BCE-220 AD). See this visual artistry take shape with a local master calligrapher.

Chinese Yo-Yo (Diabolo)
Yo-yos are believed to have originally come from China, and since then many different versions and surges in popularity have followed. Learn how to “juggle” a Chinese yo-yo, also known as a diabolo, with the Dallas Chinese Community Center.

Noodle Pulling (La Mian)
Oodles of noodles are an important ingredient in a Chinese New Year spread, especially longevity noodles that are said to bring good luck and a long life. Chef Andrew Chen of Monkey King Noodle Co. will give a brief overview on the history and significance of noodles in China and also offer up a noodle pulling demo and samplings.

Instrument and Music Station
Try your hand with traditional Asian cultural instruments from several different countries that are used to help usher in the new year. Volunteers will be available to discuss and instruct how to play these unique and culturally significant pieces.

Year of the Rat – Rat Ear Making
Regardless of your zodiac animal, we can all celebrate the Year of the Rat with your own whiskered mask.

Lotus Shop Pop Up
Come browse the satellite Lotus Shop for a unique selection of souvenirs and gifts. Don’t forget to pick up some limited edition Year of the Rat apparel because it is lucky to wear new clothes for the New Year.

Lucky Red Envelopes
Lucky Red Envelopes are a must for celebrating Chinese New Year. Adorn your own and feed it to the lions dancing around the Center and on the main stage.


With generous support from NorthPark Center, The University of Texas at Dallas, and the Chinese New Year Host Committee.