Thu Oct 01 2015 6:30 pm thru Thu Oct 01 2015 8:00 pm


The Allure of Luxury: The Impact of the Kashmir Shawl on Dress and Design in Persia with Jeff Spurr

at Crow Collection of Asian Art • Free for Friends of the Crow Collection, $10 Public
Thu Oct 01 2015 6:30 pm — 8:00 pm
Crow Collection of Asian Art
Free for Friends of the Crow Collection, $10 Public

6:30 pm Tour
7:00 pm Lecture

For millennia, people have valued the art and goods of foreign markets. Some even inspire local copies and new design ideas. Such items transcend geography, representing a cultural marriage of taste and utility.  

In the early modern era, few trade items were as treasured as the Kashmir shawl. Perhaps the closest parallel is the Chinese blue and white porcelain of the Yüan and Ming dynasties. This luxury textile combined rare and fine materials, notable warmth and lightness, an exacting production technique, and beautiful design.  Wherever it was introduced from the 17th through the 19th centuries, the shawl was quickly embraced. 

Lecturer Jeff Spurr, an independent scholar of Islamic textiles, will describe the shawl’s emergence in early 17th century Kashmir, then explore its commercial, social, textile, and costume impact in relation to Persia. He will describe how the shawl and its cloth were used in Persian attire and other textiles starting in the 17th century, then referencing shawl imagery in artwork and other media, he will make a case for the Kashmir shawl’s priority in time, and its dominance over the local development of similarly woven and decorated shawl cloth.

In Partnership with The Islamic Art Revival Series, a program of Texas Muslim Women’s Foundation.