Fri Sep 18 2015 6:00 pm thru Fri Sep 18 2015 11:59 pm

Block Party | After Dark

Korean Thanksgiving (Fall Block Party)

at Crow Collection of Asian Art
Fri Sep 18 2015 6:00 pm — Midnight
Crow Collection of Asian Art

Chuseok, also known as Korean Thanksgiving Day, is a major holiday in Korea that celebrates family and community, and marks the beginning of the harvest season. Share in the festivities with traditional Korean food, dances, fashion, and activities.

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  • KOREAN DRUMMERS: Hansol Samulnori performing Korean Nong-ak(농악) Dance and Buk Dance
  • DEMONSTRATION: Korean Tea Ceremony with Nicole O. Conrad
  • DEMONSTRATION: Taekwondo with Yim’s Taekwondo Institute
  • PERFORMANCE: Korean Folk Tales with Twice Upon a Time Storytellers
  • PERFORMANCE: Traditional Korean Song and Dance with Mimi Shin
  • PERFORMANCE: Korean Crossover Songs with Grace Baek
  • Come experience the world of Korean cross-over songs performed by a classical cross-over soprano, Grace Baek. Miss Baek will be bringing back classical folk songs from years past with a modern interpretation while keeping tradition alive.  The most famous of them is Arirang, a song dating back 600 years in the Joseon Dynasty and universally recognized as a national song among its people. The fusion of traditional Korean and Western musical instruments along with the pure, angelic voice of Miss Baek is a combo you don’t want to miss.
  • ART ACTIVITY: Origami Hanbok
  • ART ACTIVITY: Sotdae
  • ART ACTIVITY: Taeguk Gift Box