Wed Jan 14 2015 12:00 pm thru Wed Jan 14 2015 1:00 pm


Wellness 101: Ayurvedic Winter Wisdom

at Crow Collection of Asian Art
Wed Jan 14 2015 12:00 pm — 1:00 pm
Crow Collection of Asian Art

2015 Winter Wisdom

Ayurveda means the knowledge or science of life. It is one of the world’s oldest systems of natural healing and practiced continuously for more than 5000 years with its origins in the Vedic Cultures of India.

Join Sapna Punjabi-Gupta, a Registered Dietitian and an Ayurvedic Practitioner in a 3 part FREE lecture series to learn more about winter wisdom and wellness. Discover Ayurvedic lifestyle and diet recommendations that are simple and easy to follow in your daily practices.  She will integrate the principles of Ayurveda along with western evidence based science in easy and practical ways to create and maintain a harmonious lifestyle acknowledging the changes of the winter season.

01/14/2015: Winter Practices and Routines to stay Balanced, Strong and Healthy in 2015

Learn about the Ayurvedic seasonal clock and the importance of making changes with different seasons to stay balanced. Discover easy and practical routines for lifestyle, diet, and exercise to help ward off the winter chill.

01/21/2015: Stoke your Agni – Secret to your Digestive and Overall Health

Agni is the Sanskrit name for Digestive Fire. It is the ultimate measure of how well we process and metabolize food and all aspects of life. This lecture will focus on learning about our own digestion and ways to strengthen and support our Agni.

01/28/2015: Diet Practices and Key Spices for winter

Discover the tastes, meal patterns and key spices of the winter season and how they can impact our overall health. Display of warming winter spices will be present to help learn about the spices discussed in the lecture.

*Each lecture will include tea/food sampling as appropriate to the topic. Participants that attend all 3 lectures in this series will be entered for a drawing of 1 FREE certificate for Sapna’s cooking workshop!!