After Dark: Pig Out
Fri Jan 18 2019 6:00 pm — Midnight
After Dark: Pig Out @ Crow Museum + Pearl Art Studio

The Year of the Pig is right around the corner, and the Crow Museum will help you prep all the essentials for the perfect pig out. Enjoy dumpling and noodle demonstrations by Monkey King Noodle Co. and learn how to host your own Chinese New Year Eve feast. Finally, stop by the Pearl Art Studio to make firecrackers and red envelopes to complete your celebration.

After Dark: Lantern Festival
Fri Feb 15 2019 6:00 pm — Midnight
After Dark: Lantern Festival @ Crow Museum + Pearl Art Studio

Every Chinese New Year

ends with a celebration of the Lantern Festival. Lasting five days, families build light sheds, hang lanterns and enjoy the brightest light in the night sky, the full moon. On this first day of the Lantern Festival, learn how to construct lanterns, create lantern riddles, and make your own miniature light shed to take home and light up your night.