October 2013 – September 2016

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Sat Oct 05, 10:00 am4:00 pm

Garden Party and Street Festival

The Crow Collection’s Sculpture Garden kicks off in full force with a street festival including activities, food trucks, [...]

Sat Nov 02, 10:00 am2:00 pm

Celebrate Diwali!

Diwali is a festival of lights celebrated throughout India and among Indians worldwide. Hindus, Jains, and Sikhs commemorat [...]

Sat Dec 07, 10:00 am2:00 pm

Korean Art and Culture

Take inspiration from the works in The Jerry Lee Musslewhite Collection of Korean Art exhibition and learn about Korean art [...]

Sat Feb 01, 10:00 am6:00 pm

Chinese New Year Festival

For a downloadable map and schedule click below! Crow Collection Chinese New Year Map and Schedule Say goodbye to the Year of [...]

Sat Mar 01, 10:00 am2:00 pm

India- A Country of Symbolic Colors

Sat Apr 05, 10:00 am2:00 pm

Nature and Wellness

This spring celebrate nature and wellness at the Crow Collection.  Still your mind with yoga and meditation with Lotus Kids [...]

Sat May 03, 10:00 am2:00 pm

Buddha’s Birthday Bash

Celebrate a wonderful month of Asian holidays, including Buddha’s birthday! View a special birthday book that is an artist [...]

Sat Jun 07, 10:00 am2:00 pm

Sail Away to China

Join the Crow Collection of Asian Art as we celebrate the Dragon Boat Festival and learn about this unique and exciting Chin [...]

Sat Jul 05, 10:00 am2:00 pm

Gallery in a Garden

Escape the summer heat and explore the serenity and beauty of the Crow Collection of Asian Art Sculpture Garden. Become insp [...]

Sat Aug 02, 10:00 am2:00 pm

CANCELED- Discover India

Due to construction, the opening of Seeing and Believing: Krishna in the Art of B.G. Sharma has been postponed until later [...]

Sat Sep 06, 10:00 am2:00 pm

Body, Mind, Heart, and Art

As the school year starts, fall into wellness with simple routines that can improve your health. How about yoga for the ent [...]

Sat Oct 04, 10:00 am2:00 pm

Discover India

Come celebrate the life of one of India’s most influential leaders, Mahatma Gandhi, at the Crow Collection of Asian Art. Be [...]

Sat Nov 01, 10:00 am2:00 pm

Fables and Fashion

We’ve partnered with The Aga Khan Council for Central United States for a special Adventure Asia to showcase the story [...]

Sat Feb 07, 10:00 am2:00 pm

Fun with Fashion

Get your chance to experience The Mary Baskett Collection of Japanese Fashion one last time before it closes on February 2 [...]

Sat Mar 07, 10:00 am2:00 pm

The Many Colors of India

Immerse yourself in the colors of spring as the Crow Collection envelopes itself in a rich rainbow of activity. Inspired by t [...]

Sat Apr 04, 10:00 am2:00 pm

Embark to the East

Visitors are invited to explore the Crow Collection, and take a journey through the ancient and rich cultures of the East. Ad [...]

Sat Jun 06, 10:00 am2:00 pm

Play. Make. Repeat

Join the Crow Collection of Asian Art for a free day of family fun celebrating the exhibition Jean Shin: Inclusions. Known fo [...]

Sat Aug 01, 10:00 am2:00 pm

Field Day the Crow Way

As summer draws to a close and anticipation builds for the new school year, join in the fun of a unique art museum field day. [...]

Sat Sep 05, 10:00 am2:00 pm

Samurai Saturday

Immerse yourself in the rich culture and traditions of the brave samurai warriors. Create your own armor with your personal i [...]

Sat Oct 03, 10:00 am2:00 pm

Gorlizki Galore

Join us for an adventure that is all things Alexander Gorlizki in honor of his newly opened exhibition Alexander Gorlizki: Va [...]

Sat Nov 07, 10:00 am3:00 pm


Diwali is the Hindu festival of lights celebrated worldwide. It marks the victory of good over evil and commemorates one̵ [...]

Sat Dec 05, 10:00 am2:00 pm

Lions & Tigers & Panda Bears, Oh My!

Enjoy a day filled with animals and art at the Crow Collection! Wander through the galleries and sculpture garden to see the [...]

Sat Mar 05, 10:00 am2:00 pm

SENsational SEN!

In celebration of our newest exhibition, Time and Eternity: Landscape Paintings by Bireswar Sen, think small and create your [...]

Sat Apr 02, 10:00 am2:00 pm


Spring has sprung at the Crow Collection of Asian Art with activities reminiscent of a Japanese garden. Start your day out wi [...]

Sat May 07, 10:00 am2:00 pm

Happy Heritage

The month of May was declared Asian-Pacific American Heritage Month in 1992. In honor of this celebration of heritage, join u [...]

Sat Jun 04, 10:00 am2:00 pm


You can’t judge a book by its cover! We’ll put this age-old adage to the test in our newest exhibition, Protecting Wi [...]

Sat Jul 02, 10:00 am2:00 pm

Don’t Play Koi With Me

Set sail and find your sea legs at the Crow Collection of Asian Art! Join us for all things under the sea as we celebrate [.. [...]

Sat Aug 06, 10:00 am2:00 pm


Mahatma Gandhi said that “with every true friendship, we build more firmly the foundations on which the peace of the wh [...]

Fri Sep 23, 5:00 pm8:00 pm

Talavera Workshop: Educators

Plate by Javier Espinosa Mómox Educators are invited to spend the evening exploring the museum’s exhibition, Clay Between [...]

Sat Sep 24, 9:00 am12:00 pm

Talavera Workshop: Educators

Plate by Javier Espinosa Mómox Educators are invited to spend the morning exploring the museum’s exhibition, Clay Between [...]