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by Crow Museum

What is Otsukimi?

  The Japanese Otsukimi Festival, literally meaning “moon-viewing”, celebrates the Harvest Moon that typically falls on the 5th day of the eighth month of the traditional Japanese calendar. In 2017, Otsukimi falls on Wednesday, October 4th. It is said that the Otsukimi moon-viewing custom was first introduced to Japan by China, during the Heian period. […] Keep Reading...

by Amy Lewis Hofland

Compassion, Reverence, and Filial Piety: A Pair of Stone Vases

Making offerings is an important step in the worshiping of ancestors in Chinese history; it is an act that reflects people’s belief of afterlife and ancestors’ protection of offspring. The Crow Collection’s Pair of Stone Vases, previously called “Stone Columns,” are examples of two of the Five Stone Offerings often installed in front of a […] Keep Reading...