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The Rundown|Abhidnya Ghuge Workshops

by Adrienne Lichliter

In November 2016, the Crow Collection of Asian Art held a series of workshops to explore Abhidnya Ghuge’s site-responsive installation, Flight of the Canyon. The workshop encompassed students of all ages, teachers, and adults, all working together to create one work or art constructed of individual relief prints.

Participants had an in-depth discussion about Flight of the Canyon in the museum, followed by a talk by Abhidnya Ghuge, and an art-making activity. Reflecting Ghuge’s process, participants learned a form of relief printmaking using cardboard and made an array of prints emphasizing variability and multiplicity. After creating a varied edition on coffee filters, speaking to Ghuge’s use of paper plates, participants installed their work alongside the work of their peers to create a “prinstallation.” The finished product stands as a single, collaborative form, as well as an accumulation of unique expressions.

During the tours, Ghuge went “undercover,” acting as a museum visitor as the workshop attendees discussed her work. She heard observations, inquiries, and reactions from a range of viewers, some who were brought to tears by the beauty of the work’s material metaphors to life. Ultimately, we all learned from one another – workshop participants grew from Ghuge’s perspective and Ghuge from theirs.


Student shows off print and cardboard printing plate


Student Printing


Examples of printed designs on coffee filters.


A workshop participant adds to the group installation.


From Left to Right:
Abhidnya Ghuge (Artist), Adrienne Lichliter (Gallery Educator ), Alyssa Arnold (Programs and Events Manager)


Finished Installation


Installation detail