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Exhibition Opening | High School Artist Residency Program with Kankan Huang

January 28, 2017 @ 11:00 am – January 28, 2017 @ 7:30 pm
Crow Collection of Asian Art

The Crow Collection’s Free Artist Residency Program gave twelve local high school students the opportunity to work with contemporary artist Kankan Huang

and Crow Collection Educators at the museum over the course of three days. Kankan Huang graduated from Hubei Institute of Fine Arts in central China and spent five years working with Ai Weiwei at his Beijing studio, Fake DesignDrawing inspiration from Huang’s work and community members’ personal stories of Chinese New Year traditions, students will create works of art through a mold-making and casting process that will be on view at the Crow Collection during the museum’s Chinese New Year celebration.


Community Member – Longhui Zhang

LONGHUI ZHANG (b. China) Interdisciplinary Visual Artist

Interdisciplinary Visual Artist

Meghana Kambhampati

LONGHUI ZHANG_Isabella_Tan_12x12in_72dpi

Isabella Tan

LONGHUI ZHANG_Elaine_McMurray_12x12in_72dpi

Elaine McMurray

LONGHUI ZHANG_Ayesha_Khan_12x12in_72dpi

Ayesha Khan

Community Member – Jessica Chu 

JESSICA CHU_12x12in_72dpi

JESSICA CHU (b. United States) Upper School Math Teacher at The Hockaday School

Charlotte Smith

Charlotte Smith

JESSICA CHU_Elena_Koung__12x12in_72dpi

Elena Koung

JESSICA CHU_Lesly_Aidana_12x12in_72dpi

Lesly Aidana

JESSICA CHU_Taylor_Lockrem_12x12in_72dpi

Taylor Lockrem


Community Member – Qing Chang

QING CHANG_12x12in_72dpi

QING CHANG (b. China) Research Curator, Crow Collection of Asian Art

QING CHANG_Sophie_Everitt_12x12in_72dpi

Sophie Everitt

QING CHANG_Kyle_Bowman_12x12in_72dpi

Kyle Bowman

QING CHANG_Melissa_Villasenor_12x12in_72dpi

Melissa Villasenor


Community Member – Grace McDermott

GRACE McDERMOTT_12x12in_72dpi

GRACE McDERMOTT (b. Vietnam) President, US Pan Asian American Chamber – Southwest

GRACE McDERMOTT_Helena_Shan_12x12in_72dpi

Helena Shan

GRACE McDERMOTT_Izabella_Houston_12x12in_72dpi

Izabella Houston

GRACE McDERMOTT_Jack_Councilman_12x12in_72dpi

Jack Councilman

GRACE McDERMOTT_Maggie_Macpherson_12x12in_72dpi

Maggie Macpherson