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Wellness 101: Four Ways to Ground Yourself This Fall with Ayurveda

November 12, 2014 @ 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm
Crow Collection of Asian Art

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Ayurveda means the knowledge or science of life. It is one of the world’s oldest systems of natural healing and practiced continuously for more than 5000 years with its origins in the Vedic Cultures of India.

One of the key foundation of Ayurvedic Science is to strive to create balance within the human body in accordance to the seasonal changes. Join Sapna Punjabi-Gupta, a Registered Dietitian and Ayurvedic Practitioner in a 4 part lecture series this Fall at the Crow Collection. She will integrate the principles of Ayurveda along with western evidence based science in easy and practical ways to create and maintain a harmonious lifestyle acknowledging the changes of the fall season.

November 12: Acknowledging the Vata qualities of the Fall Season

Learn about the Ayurvedic seasonal clock and its relation to the different doshic qualities. Develop an appreciation of the seasonal changes and its impact on our bodies and overall health.

November 19: Practical Ayurvedic Tips to Calm Vata and Stay Centered this Fall

Understand the qualities of Vata dosha and its effect during the fall season. Learn easy and practical tips for making lifestyle, diet and exercise changes to adapt with the seasonal shift.

November 26: Thankful for Autumn Harvest: Ayurvedic Fall Diet

Just as we start changing up our closets during fall months, learn how to make changes to your pantry and eating patterns to create balance with the cool and dry qualities of the Fall Season.

December 3: Fall in Love with Vata Balancing Spices

Explore common fall spices and their healing properties when used in everyday diet.  Display of fall spices will be present to identify and learn about various spices discussed in the lecture.

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*Each lecture will include a food/drink sampling appropriate to the topic.

*At the end of each talk, door prize for Sapna’s home made spice blend product will be given to one lucky attendee!!