Divine Spark: Kana Harada

Exhibition open from Sat Jan 30 2021 to Sun Sep 05 2021

The Crow Museum of Asian Art of The University of Texas at Dallas is pleased to present a focused multi-year exhibition series dedicated to making visible the work of emerging and established Texas-based contemporary Asian women artists. The artists presented in this program focus on contemporary issues both in Texas and abroad, giving voice to complex, humanized stories of identity, place, tradition and modernity.

Dallas-based artist Kana Harada has forged her own path with artworks that blend messages of hope and positivity with visual innovations that create an imaginative universe of awe, wonder, and intimacy.

This exhibition features new works created during this time of a global pandemic that embody the artist’s wishes for a peaceful and bright future for all. Harada expresses the light that can be found in the dark, and continues to push sculpture, foam, and acrylic and watercolor painting to new heights in her practice. This exhibition is the second exhibition of the museum’s Texas Asian Women Artists Series.

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