Fabled Journeys in Asian Art: South and Southeast Asia

Exhibition open from Sat Jan 01 2011 to Mon Jul 30 2012

This winter, the museum offers up Fabled Journeys in Asian Art, drawn from the Crow Collection.  In works of art from all around Asia–paintings, fans, sculpture, carvings for the hand, furniture for the desk–rocks, jades, crystals, and corals– journeys of many kinds are traced.  Wide rivers are crossed on a reed, deep caves explored in the whitest jade; cities visited under golden clouds.  Love is found on a mountaintop, babies are borne aloft in baskets, avatars descend to combat unrighteousness, pilgrims abandon home for a blessing, minds turn within to combat error. Journeys, it is acknowledged, bring change; follow some well-worn paths in fabled journeys from the cultures of Asia, and pave a road of your own.