Yeohlee: Design for Now

Exhibition open from Sat Oct 03 2009 to Sun Jan 03 2010

YEOHLEE FW09 New York 02-16-09

Yeohlee, FW09, New York 

This is the first major exhibition in Dallas about the work of Yeohlee, whose name is synonymous with design innovation and artistic integrity. Yeohlee’s work has been exhibited at museums in New York, London, Paris, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Amsterdam, Berlin, and Washington D.C.

Yeohlee: Design for Now features selected fashion designs and concepts from 2004-2009 collections. The focus is on the evolution of her approach to design, which closely parallels architectural concerns but is ultimately attentive to the body. The exhibition explores four primarily themes: Urban Nomad, Made in New York, Fluid Geometry, and Zero Waste. These concepts illustrate the artist’s thought process as one collection gives way to the next.

This exhibition is curated by Myra Walker, Director and Curator of the Texas Fashion Collection, College of Visual Arts and Design at the University of North Texas.