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Fri Sep 28 2018 Sun Apr 14 2019

JACOB HASHIMOTO Clouds and Chaos

Jacob Hashimoto’s sculpture shows how there is much to be found.

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Fri Sep 28 2018 Sun Feb 24 2019

Avatars and Incarnations: Buddhist and Hindu Art from the Collection

Avatars and Incarnations explores the concept of divine avatars in Hindu and Buddhist art.

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Fri Sep 28 2018 Sun Aug 25 2019

Our Asian Art Museum: The Crow at Twenty

To commemorate our founding and decades of operation, we will display twenty masterworks from across our permanent collection.

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Sat Jun 01 2019 Sun Aug 23 2020

Future Retrospective: Master Shen-Long

For over 50 years, Master Shen-Long has pioneered new approaches to painting.

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Sat Mar 09 2019 Sun Jan 05 2020


Selection of important works by master Japanese ceramic artists

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Fri Sep 28 2018 Sun May 03 2020

The Art of Lacquer

The Art of Lacquer introduces lacquerware objects from the museum’s collection

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