Sat Jun 01 2019 Sun Aug 23 2020

Future Retrospective: Master Shen-Long

For over 50 years, Master Shen-Long has pioneered new approaches to painting.

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Sat Mar 09 2019 Sun Jan 05 2020


Selection of important works by master Japanese ceramic artists

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Fri Sep 28 2018 Sun May 03 2020

The Art of Lacquer

The Art of Lacquer introduces lacquerware objects from the museum’s collection

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Fri Sep 28 2018

Immortal Landscapes: Jade from the Collection

This exhibition is carved jade representations of mountain landscapes and forms from nature.

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Sat Oct 25 2014

Fierce Loyalty: A Samurai Complete

This permanent exhibition devoted to the art and culture of the Japanese samurai showcases one of the Crow Collection’s most recent and spectacular acquisitions—a complete set of samurai armor, one of the finest examples of its kind anywhere in the world.

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