Published Sep 30 2013, by

Civilization Landscape

These vessels were created at Jingdezhen, the city most associated with the art of porcelain in China.  Combining the lustrous white surface of this coveted ceramic with dynamic brushstrokes, the two vases and one bowl are painted in traditional cobalt blue glaze, ranging from a rich blue hue to a charcoal gray, with lines that evoke the energy of the natural world.  These lines are abstract in some places, and come together to resemble characters, ideograms, fish, animals, and raindrops in others.  These lines are part of the artist’s exploration, explosion and re-interpretation of Chinese written languages, including archaic seal script.  The smooth contour of each vase is punctuated by a rough-outlined hole in the side of the vessel – suggesting a figure or a profile – exposing the porcelain’s unglazed bisque surface and the contemporary artist’s intervention into the regimented art of porcelain vessels.  These holes and the lines painted on the porcelain’s surface combine to explore connections amongst disparate cultures and civilizations – the evolution of written language, the development of sacred philosophies, and the miracle of human life.