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Tall neck footed jar

The exterior profile of the jar is remarkably strong and balanced, beginning with the splayed, narrow, perforated foot stand that joins the round lower body and rises over a bulging body to a high shoulder, marked by a ridge, from where it curves inward to the base of the neck, which is the same width as the top of the foot stand, and then upward and outward to the open mouth. All appears deceptively simple, but it is a superbly potted piece.

Tall neck jars from both Silla and Gaya come in several varieties, as seen in this case: some have an in-curved mouth made to hold a lid (2010.57 and 2010.49), and some do not (2010.56),  apparently having been designed to be an open container. Some have attached foot stands and some do not. Some have incised or combed decoration on the surface of the neck, while others do not. On this piece, the neck is divided into four bands with wavy comb patterns surrounding only the lower two bands. The simple but elegant decoration gives weight to the lower part of the neck, while enhancing the plain surface toward the top of the neck.