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Thoughts from the Lotus Shop | 7 Things in the Lotus Shop You Didn’t Know You Needed

We have a lot of amazing items in the Lotus Shop. After working here my first month, I still came across merchandise that I’d never seen before. And while I’m sure there are certain items that you could likely live without— like wasabi toothpaste or ninja erasers — here are seven un-obvious items that you might just realize that you can’t live without.

1. Charcoal bristled toothbrush, 2. Coloring book and pencils, 5. Incense, 6. Snowglobe, 7. Malas

1. Charcoal bristled toothbrush, 2. Coloring book and pencils, 5. Incense, 6. Snowglobe, 7. Malas

1. Charcoal bristled toothbrush

You may know that charcoal is a great filter for water and impurities, like those Brita pitchers that take out the chlorine smell in tap water. Well, the same theory here: absorbs any less than fresh odors in your mouth. Why not?

2. Coloring book and pencils

Do you want to start a meditation practice, but don’t have time or don’t know where to begin? (See our Calendar for Sunday afternoon’s free meditation classes!) But until you get around to meditation, why not color!? You’ll be in the zone in no time. Be sure to check out Doodle and Dialogue on Mondays.

3. Glass or metal stones with words on them

Yep. I thought so too—why on earth?! But over time, customers have shown me such creative ways of using them that are super enticing.

  • There’s a couple that collects them, and puts one on the breakfast table every morning for each other as a little message of: “I love you,” “Happiness,” and/or “Beauty.”
  • There is a gentleman whose partner passed away that created an altar in the entry way of his home as a memorial. On his way out the door every day, he reaches into a bag full of these stones and picks one. He sets it on the altar to set the tone of his day, and it remains there until the next morning: “Courage,” “Balance,” and/or “Patience.”
  • I saw a couple of women today closing their eyes and while thinking about each other, randomly grabbed a few stones and bought them for each other: “Persevere,” “Friend,” and/ or “Play.”
  • Someone else bought several of them to hand out in her office at times when people might need a word of encouragement or a reminder that they do a good job.

You probably need some in your pocket right now  😉  And bonus, they also have Chinese characters on them.

3. Glass or metal stones with words on them 4. Books

4. A book

Yes, because we all need books and don’t have to buy them ALL on Amazon. Just a reminder. It’s great and satisfying to browse in store AND walk out WITH the book, isn’t it? Just sayin’. An added bonus, if you’re a member of the museum, you get 20% off too, so what’s stopping you?

5. Incense

You may have this hippy-trippy image of incense, but it’s actually really nice. We carry Japanese incense that tends to be way less smoky for a really clean and complex scent in your space. It is great when you’re unwinding from a stressful day, or as an after dinner delight without calories  😉  Also great for focusing your mind for morning or evening meditation.

6. A snow globe

Yeah, that’s right. If you have a job with a desk, it’s great for moments when you want to zone out. Or maybe when something happens and you just want to shake it off, clean the slate – flip the globe, shake, stare at the snow, and exhale. They are great on coffee tables too. You can also shake it, Magic Eight Ball Style, to find out the answer to pressing questions that you already know the answers to…? Anyway, they are mesmerizing. My favorite one is the minimalist one that just has snow in it called, Snowball.

7. A mala

Whether you’re considering using it to chant, or just as fashion jewelry, we have some beautiful ones in the shop. We can look up the properties of the stones or beads for you for associated meanings, or to help you decide on one. There are full malas with 108 beads or wrist malas.
Ok, there you go.

In case you aren’t convinced by the seven above, stop by the shop to look. I’m pretty sure you’ll find something you didn’t know you needed!

-Hilary Arai