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Thoughts from the Lotus Shop | Energy in Objects

Without getting too woo-woo, I’d like to talk about energy. Anyone who has worked in retail has probably noticed the phenomena where one customer picks up a random object while shopping, looks at it for a minute or so, and then moves on to the next item, or just leaves. Then a few minutes later, another person comes in and picks up the same object, does the same thing, and it happens again! Of all the objects in the store, the one that is picked up keeps getting picked up. Or— someone comes in and holds, peruses a book, and leaves the store. Then right after that, someone comes in and buys that book, and maybe no one has bought that book in weeks.

Energy in Objects 2I have also noticed that sometimes when I move something in the store or bring some things out from the  back to restock,  someone will come in maybe thirty minutes later or so, and go straight to those objects. It happens so often, that it just cannot be a coincidence. I’ve witnessed this kind of thing over several years in retail.

Energy in Objects 4

Cat motif bag $40, Paper for Water cranes $20 donation

In fact, just today, on three separate occasions, someone asked the price of this bag with a cat motif on it. That bag has been right there in the same place for a couple of weeks now, and no one has even looked at it really, until those three people today.

I have talked about this with co-workers, and now, my co-worker, Walter, calls it “chi-ing up” the objects, or putting chi (Chinese for “life force”, also called prana or ki) into the object so that maybe it is attractive to the next customer. What is interesting though, is that it doesn’t really work doing that, I mean, it doesn’t seem to be controllable. Like, if I try to chi-up a book, by holding it, thumbing through it, straightening up the stack of books it is on, with the intention of putting energy into it, it doesn’t seem to matter. It is like it just happens when I’m not really thinking about chi-ing up
something — when I genuinely admire a piece of jewelry, handle it, and maybe try it on. After that it happens. I can’t really put my finger on it, but I’m sure there is something true about this…

Okay, now I’m going to get a little woo-woo 😉  I actually think that when a person picks up an object that a previous person has handled, they might be vibrating on the same level, or at least sensitive to, responding to, or attracted to the energy of the person. Just a theory. It’s all not so farfetched if you believe in or experience gut feelings, intuition, or notice the vibe in a room or situation. Overall, it’s mostly just a little entertaining, but it makes me think about our connections with others— the energy we pick up from others, or the energy we leave behind as we move about our day.


Hilary Arai