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Thoughts from the Lotus Shop | Year of the Fire Rooster

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to let go of the tricky Year of the Monkey! 
January 28, 2017
 can’t come soon enough… or so I thought.

After researching the Year of the Rooster, I’m a little uneasy, as it’s not a year that is seen as a good omen in Chinese tradition.  The rooster is one of the 3 “R” signs (rooster, rabbit, and rat) that come with a single element, whereas the other signs have balancing elements of energies within their years. Single-element years intensify and mess with the cyclical forces of time. Hmmm. The single element coming this year happens to be Fire!

Rooster.svg        240px-Rabbit.svg     Rat.svg

Luckily, I think, there are Yin energies mixed with the Fire that will bring inner warmth and insight, and the quietness of privacy and family ties.
If you think about the symbol of the rooster, you might imagine it crowing at the crack of dawn waking people up to get to work, and I think that’s part of what this year will be about — hard work —working diligently to reach goals. It’s also about achieving success that comes with hard work and patience. It’s also a year about righteousness and justice, fidelity and punctuality, and exorcising evil spirits.

This is a year that is auspicious for weddings, so if you’re engaged or have been thinking about tying the knot, get on it, you’re golden!

Well, personally, I’m going to focus on the waking up part—specifically, the word “awakening” as I attempt to wake up early and build my meditation practice. I am practicing reminding myself to be aware of my breath, to wake up to the present moment when I catch myself daydreaming, regretting, replaying a conversation or incident over and over in my head, future-tripping, etc. And I invite you to cock-a-doodle-do it with me! But seriously, focus on your breathing right now as you finish reading this, and patiently get back to work!
-Hilary Arai

***I found a lot of this info on the site ‪, and if you’re looking for rooster reminders, stop by the Lotus Shop! Please join us for Chinese New Year festivities at the Crow!
Happy New Year!