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April 6, 2020 Newsletter

Dear Friends:

I hope this email finds you safely sheltered and taking good care. As we mark the end of the third week of closure for the Crow Museum of Asian Art, I wanted to reach out and say hello, and let you know we are missing you in the museum. 

Scott and the boys and I are nestled safely in Lakewood: two on-line students, one on-line architecture teacher and me: taking the museum into an uncertain future with the most devoted and spectacular team of colleagues. It makes for lively days with zoom calls, meetings and time to write, think and plan. 

The museum team is working to bring the museum, its commitment to wellbeing, the collections and our future to you in the virtual sphere.

Today we will launch a new Mindfulness Series: A Place to Pause at 8 PM CST every Monday through Friday (15 minutes), live on the Crow Museum Facebook page. I am offering gentle, introductory practices with Asian roots for self-compassion and mindfulness to help us show up as a non-anxious presence in challenging times. Additionally I am offering Crick-Neck Chair Yoga every Friday at 5:00 PM CST (15 minutes), also live on our Facebook page. Jacqueline Chao and I are also designing a new social media series with an intention to share works of art from the collection as sources of inquiry and reflection inside of a pandemic.

Shelter-in-place is a phrase we may all be tired of but it has much to offer: protection, presence and knowing we are “inside” of a great effort to care for others. I wish you and yours abundance of all of these things, and am grateful for your interest and support to our museum. We are taking this hibernation time to create a future that is a “house of belonging” for students, future audiences and you. 

Thank you to our Friends of the Crow Museum of Asian Art; our donors are integral to our continued transition to The University of Texas at Dallas. If you are not yet a member, please join here or email

You belong here. 

Warmly, Amy

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